I hope this message board does not require proper uses of punctuation and indentation????? Sorry if I offended... to many rules and regulation make a ghostgirl insane

Maybe you are just in the wrong place. Did you ever think of that??? You seem to be having a hard time here. Perhaps there is a reason for this. Why is it that you feel you shouldn't have to follow the rules?

As I stated in your introduction..


Reading through the forums here will give you a good idea of what this board is all about. Doing so will also make it clear whether this board is for you or not. Feel free to make posts and replies. Yes, there are rules, but they are there for good reasons.

Perhaps this message board is not for you, Ghost Girl.

Please delete my content! I am no longer affiliated with COS or any other religion. I know you have the ability to remove my content, so please do so. I won't be returning.