From “The Occult Explosion” an LP from 1973:

To us “Satan” is a symbol rather than an anthropomorphic being, although many members of the Church of Satan who are mystically inclined prefer to think of Satan in a very real, anthropomorphic way. Of course, we do not discourage this, because we realize that it is very important to many individuals to ritualistically conceptualize a well-wrought picture of their mentor or tutelary (guardian/protector) divinity. Symbolically, however, Satan is the teacher: the informer of the whys and wherefores of the world. In answer to those who would label us “Devil worshippers” or be quick to assume us to be Satan worshippers, I must say that Satan demands study, not worship.

We do not grovel; we do not get down on our knees, genuflect, and worship Satan. We do not plead, we do not implore that Satan give us what we wish. We feel that anyone who is going to be blessed by any god of his choice is going to have to show that god that he is capable of taking care of the blessings that are conceived.

NOTE from the current High Priest: This tolerance of mystics changed after 1975, when a small group of them left the Church feeling that their leader had communed with Satan in the form of Set, and transferred a mythical "Infernal Mandate" from LaVey to him. That was the proof to LaVey that those who believe in an external entity, regardless of how they see it, behave as do other theists, not as Satanists, and could have no place in the Church of Satan. PHG
Hail Satan!

Magistra Peggy Nadramia

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