Magister Ventrue:

Although I have not provided you with my last name, phone number, or home address, there is still something I am concerned about.

Because there is so much technology these days, do you, the CoS, or any satanic third parties have the ability to obtain this information? The reason it concerns me is this:

I DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, WANT ANY SATANIC MAIL(EITHER FROM YOU, ANYONE FROM THE COS, OR ANY THIRD PARTIES) OF ANY KIND TO EVER BE DELIVERED TO MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would cause problems for me if I got this kind of mail sent to my house.

I am very very very very... serious about this!

It does not specifically state anywhere on this site whether or not this could happen. Do I need to worry about it? I read a post that says that this is not a pay site, so I assume I will not get bills mailed to my house for using this site. If I would get mail, could they be e-mailed to me as .pdf files instead?

(In case I am making an idiot out of myself, I want you to know that I have never used a message board in my life, and I don't know much about what all can be done on the internet, but I know that people can do all sorts of things with computers these days.)

I would greatly appreciate an accurate answer. Thank you in advance. You have my respect.