I would like to announce the return of the best-selling book Fang and Claw: A Treatise on Practical Combat to the CoS Emporium!!! I have heard all your warnings and all your threats so I kicked Colonel Akula in the ass and got these books back on the market (not literally, like I'd have a chance of hitting him ... ). The book has been re-produced and is now offered professionally bound.

Also with the return of the first book, I have also put up its companion: Fang and Claw: Striking Techniques the second book in the series. Colonel Akula really out did himself with this one, it is the perfect follow up to his first book. Fans will not be disappointed!!!

Also I offer those of you who have the first book already to post your reviews of it here, so that others can see how the book has worked its way into all our bookshelves and night stands.

I for one have been enjoying reading the second installment, it has made me want to re-read the first one again. Enjoy!


From Hell,

Magister Frost

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