The Party Aggregate

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A mix of tunes transferred to my computer compliments of my bro Brandon. Good for havin' a awesome t
By Keith C Ecker

The Aggregate

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A mix of some of the different types of music I enjoy. I will be slowly working on typing in the pro
By Keith C Ecker

The Invisible War: Black Dragon Division

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Prometheus unleashes his latest creation The Invisible War: Black Dragon Division. This is the secon
By Prometheus

Profile Playlist

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By wish


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By Lex

nicksofar project 2

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Today i started a new project, i thought to put melody in some of my poems, and effects also, and to
By Nikolaos

nicksofar remix # 1

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a quite successful experiment-blend, in many tracks of this remix demo, i let you point out your fav
By Nikolaos

Logic Theory

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Few tracks kick ass in that demo! enjoy, nicksofar
By Nikolaos


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always fresh, always only for your ears! enjoy, nicksofar
By Nikolaos

Distance Viewers

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always fresh, always strange music for strange minds.... enjoy nicksofar.
By Nikolaos