The primitive mass

38 plays

enjoy, dance, drink and play loud! Nicksofar
By Nikolaos

Fire Inside

96 plays

as always play loud and be happy! H.S nicksofar
By Nikolaos

Do not hit the bird

69 plays

Sparrow inspiration, birds united! play loud
By Nikolaos

“The Girl in the Grave”

11 plays (11 listeners)

Kevin I. Slaughter reads Horace McCoy’s “The Girl in the Grave” from “Half-A-Hundred Stories for Men
By KevinISlaughter
On page Underworld Amusements

1 track

Satan and disciples (1969)

75 plays

nice old school underground enjoy!
By Nikolaos

Sounds from nowhere

95 plays

some tunes of this album is alien to your ears! in the feedback after creation i was surprised, to
By Nikolaos

The trick

48 plays

i think this album together with Bitopium are the best of my work so far. nicksofar
By Nikolaos

The struggle

26 plays

mix of electro ambient tunes, as always fresh... nicksofar
By Nikolaos