Game of life

79 plays

fresh tunes delivered to you daily, thank crisis for the inspiration... nicksofar
By Nikolaos

Tales from the pit

71 plays

i think one of my darkest creations, hope you enjoy it as i did during creation; nicksofar
By Nikolaos

Time horizon

51 plays

Quite psychedelic album, i enjoy it, hope you do. nicksofar
By Nikolaos

Phobos Generation

72 plays

enjoy! nicksofar
By Nikolaos


70 plays

new stuff daily, always play loud.. nicksofar
By Nikolaos

Call me when you are ready

45 plays

Call me when you are ready, is a experimental-ambient album with rock elements inside. enjoy nic
By Nikolaos

Noise Outbreak

67 plays

Quite dark and chaotic album, enjoy... ps. as always play loud lol nicksofar
By Nikolaos


97 plays

my new album Bitopium, fields and cirquits are from my best tunes
By Nikolaos

Electro Born

22 plays

at least i started to name my tunes, i hope to enjoy electro born album...
By Nikolaos