The Court Composer - Full CD

  • Posted October 13, 2011 in Le'rue Delashay store
    Category: Music

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Le’rue’s first solo CD comes to life producing rich, dark music for the Satanic ear to behold. No Satanic CD library should be without this release!

This is the digital download of the full album. All 10 CD quality songs are contained in one "zip" file.

Album: The Court Composer
Artist: Le’Rue Delashay
Release Date: 1998
Label: Root of all Evil Records
Format: CD

Track Listing & Samples

1. The Midnight Tower (MP3)
2. Piano Sonata in Am Opus 23 (MP3)
3. Violin Concerto in C#m Opus 41 (MP3)
4. Harpsidischordia (MP3)
5. Victorian Waltz (MP3)
6. Symphony No. 1 Opus 13 (MP3)
7. Harp Aire (MP3)
8. Symphonaire Noctem Opus 48 (MP3)
9. Concerto for Strings Opus 37 (MP3)
10. Chamber Musick (MP3)