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Undercroft For Android Phones

  • The Undercroft uses PWA (Progressive Web App) technology which allows you to add an APP icon to your Desktop or App Tray. This Undercroft Icon allows you easy one touch access to the Undercroft from your iPhone and is enclosed just like a regular Android App would be. 

    Unlike the iPhone, Android allows for many different browsers (Chrome which is the default, or Firefox or Edge), in this example I am using the Chrome browser since it is the default browser on most phones. 

    When you open Chrome and type in you will be at the login / create account screen. The browser should present you with this option (See Image 1)

    From here you select the "Add Undercroft to Home Screen" option... in which after selecting it you will see this screen...

    From here select the "ADD" option and it will add an icon to your APP Drawer (where you have all your app listed) ... from there you can Long Press on the Undercroft Icon and add it to your desktop if you like.

    Now one thing to point out is that, if you are using a different browser like Firefox or Edge... When you select the ADD option, it will add the Undercroft icon directly to your desktop and not the APP Drawer... So depending on what browser you are using... you may need to hunt around for the icon a little.

    NOW also ... if you do not see the "Add to Home Screen" option or you dismiss it but then want to add it at a later point ... you can manually select "Add to Home screen" from the "Settings" area of any of the browsers on Android. The below Image is an example from the Chrome Browser... just look for something similar in Firefox and Edge.

    At this point you should now be able to Select the "Undercroft" icon and use the Undercroft like you would an Android App!