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The Undercroft VIP System

  • First a little walk down memory lane....

    When I first built Satannet (The Satanic Network) back in 1997 (it was called Satan's Playground before that), it was the First Satanic Website on the Internet and it was designed as a Satanic Information Website as there was no official Church of Satan website at that time. Since Satannet first started, The Church of Satan now has an official presence and there are a plethora of outlets in which to find information on Satanism. There is now less of a need for an Satanic Information site, so for over the last Decade, I have been rebuilding Satannet as a place to provide Networking and Communication which started with the Letters to the Devil Forums. The old LttD became THE place to communicate for Satanists all over the world (as this was before facebook or technically anything similar). As time progresses, so does technology and the ease of access to information and people, with these changes in how we interact online, websites must also change. The old Letters to the Devil technology became slow and clunky, it was not able to keep up with the new available communication features and it needed to be retired.

    This is what has welcomed in the age of the Undercroft, which was first launched back in 2008, it provided us with a great place to interact with each other and share ideas and network. The first iteration of the Undercroft worked very well (as I am sure a lot of you might remember)... but I made the mistake of trying to grow it too fast and add far to many features in to it... this caused a it to respond slower and it was harder to maintain (as I do this all myself). Fast forward a few years and I brought my first child into this world, this event took a great deal of my time (as immediate family should) to make sure I was taking responsibility in raising him correctly as every parent should. So at that time I had to make a choice, take care of my family or ignore them and continue my online work... well from the fact that I literally disappeared from the online world for the last 8 years should show which I chose. I shutdown the CoS Emporium, I left the Undercroft and LttD sites running but unmanaged, and I shut down every other project I created. The more I look back, it was the right choice as my family is very happy and functional but I do miss the old days of running the empire I created. Fast forward to 2018 (last year), I began to truly realize I do have a lot of my time back now. My Son is developing his independence (as all kids do) and does not need me there every minute of the day anymore. So now in 2019, we enter in to the era of rebuilding... which is actually harder than it was to build everything the first time. In the many years I have been away, others have stepped in to fill my roles, and that is perfectly acceptable as when there is a void, something will fill it. 

    Ultimately, I am back, and I am back for good! I have plans and ideas that have been stirring in my head for the last 8 years and I am ready to unleash them all! As anyone who knows me and remembers my accomplishments, they can tell you, you should be excited! I have been a Member of the Church of Satan for 28 years now, was the youngest person to be ordained a Priest, was one of the few to be personally invited to the Black House by Dr. LaVey... my accomplishments have been established and my desire to provide for my fellow Satanist has been shown in my work for decades, as anyone will tell you, I work very hard to make other Satanists lives easier and more fulfilling.

    I honestly, appreciate everyone's support over the decades I have been doing this, even if its just a message telling me Thank you for providing such and such service.... It really does mean a lot to me knowing that my projects allow my fellow Members to enhance their lives in a safe and secure place.

    Why does the Undercroft have a VIP System?

    As everyone should know, nothing in life is truly free... even Facebook is not free... in fact you are paying so much more for facebook than you know. I will be posting articles about how unsafe facebook is and how you are unknowingly being exploited for their monetary gain but don't even realize it. 

    The Undercroft runs on servers hosted in a Datacenter, the software takes a lot of time and money to maintain. New features, enhancements, etc. All Company advertisements are free as the companies we are interested in are small and do not have the advertisement dollars like the companies who advertise on Facebook. Plus we are a smaller Elite group of people not millions upon millions of sheep. 

    So in order for projects like these to continue moving forward, it is dependent on you, the user. Every dollar of the membership fee goes back into the Undercroft or another project I create. This is not a "million" dollar idea, with the small amount of Satanists online, that's not even possible to have. It just allows me to provide new and interesting things for you to enjoy while also providing you with keeping your data and identity safe (we aren't the most loved organization in the world). 

    What do I get for supporting the Undercroft?

    For only a small monthly fee (less than most people spend on coffee per day), not only do you help support the continued development of the Undercroft but you get to:

    - A sexy VIP badge (and/or CoS Members Badge) on your profile.
    - Unlimited access to all the features of the site.
    - Unlimited Storage on the site (Storage is finite and costly).
    - Access to Private Forums
    - Full Access and the Ability to Create your own Groups
    - Unlimited Advertising of your Product or Website
    - Get early access to new features!
    - Access to many little features that make your experience better... they are really hard to list...

    Undercroft VIP Upgrade

    No matter what, VIP or not without your support there would be no Undercroft. So even if you do not chose to enable VIP Access, the support you give by using the site and telling all your friends about it is still greatly appreciated!!!