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How to change your Cover and Profile Photos

  • How to Change your Cover Photo

    If you are interested in changing your Profile's Cover Photo follow these easy steps.

    Visit your Profile 
    (On your phone - Click the Menu in the upper left corner of the screen- looks like three lines in a row)
    (On your computer select the middle circle icon at the top of the screen).

    Once you are on your profile's page, select the "+" icon (See Photo below)

    Once you Select the + icon, it will expand out with more icons. Select either Upload New Photo or Select Photo from your Albums.

    Once you complete the Steps you are now able to re-position the Cover Photo however you like and when done, Save. You now have a new Cover Photo!

    How to Upload a new Profile Photo

    To change your profile photo Select the "pencil" looking icon located near what would be your Profile Photo. Once you select it with your mouse or finger, more icon options will appear. (See Photo Below)


    From here you just need to select what you want to do... your option are "Upload New Photo" - "Select Photo from your Albums" - "Take a Photo with your Camera" or "Delete the current Photo".

    Select the option you want, follow the remaining steps and you are done!

    As with anything, if you have any problems or issues, send me a Message or Post them in the Website Support Forums