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Why posting an Introduction is Important

  • When you first sign-up on the Undercroft, I am your only friend (which happens automatically). Keeping my account on your friends list is important as you can see important site and feature updates and you can read helpful tip documents like this one. It also makes it so your activity feed is not completely empty.... but as with any social network, we are here to communicate with like-minded people and network with other Satanists and Church of Satan Members. 

    The easiest way to get the most out of this site is to make friends, which you could blindly send friend requests, some people will accept you but others have no idea who you are... this is where posting an introduction to yourself is important. It allows others to get a base idea of your personality and likes and dislikes, to help make a better judgement call on accepting or sending you a friend request. 

    All posts in the forums (Letters to the Devil) are shown to everyone, unless you do not have access rights to those forums like the VIP and CoS Members forums. So everyone on the site will see your introduction and you in turn can read through other members introductions. 

    So I highly suggest you get comfortable with the site and its features.. download the Mobile App for your phone (see the other tips for instructions) and then start composing your introduction which you can post here:

    Undercroft Introductions Forum

    Once you are on that forum, just click the "Post new Topic" button and get to work! (See image below) ...

    This site is designed for everyone to take advantage of its features and build some amazing friendships and projects with people who share very similar interests with you in a safe and secure environment.